I cannot download some file with IDM. How can I prevent IDM from taking that download?

Some sites like banking sites for example use special authorization and IDM cannot download from them. Also sites that show PDF or other document files inside browser or let to edit them online, may stop working correctly when IDM catches downloads from them. And in some cases when sites do not allow requesting the same file twice, you may not be able to make IDM take over the download before the first browser request.

In such cases you have to prevent IDM from taking a download and let your browser handle it. To achieve this in Chrome browser, you first need to pin IDM extension icon on its toolbar in the top right corner. Click on puzzle icon in browser toolbar (arrow 1 on the next image), then find IDM extension and click on pin icon near it to enable it (arrow 2 on the next image). After this IDM icon will appear on browser toolbar (arrow 3 on the next image).

How to pin IDM extension in Chrome

To enable/disable IDM extension you will need just to click on its icon on browser toolbar. When extension is disabled, its icon will become greyed out and X sign will appear in its bottom-right corner (arrow on the next image).

How to enable/disable IDM extension in Chrome

Please also note that if you click on extension icon, it will be disabled or enabled only in current browser tab. If there are any other opened tabs, extension state in them will not change.