When I placed an order, I was told that it declined but my bank shows that funds were charged. What could be a reason of this?

What you see is not a charge, but authorization. The authorization blocks an amount, but there was no sale transaction and no funds will be taken. The transaction will not settle in your card statement.

This transaction will expire and the funds released back to you during a week.

The reason is that you have entered an incorrect security code of your card. In our records in such case it looks like this:

Order ID Date Name Email Card Status Description
11111L1-XXXXXXX 2021-02-18 Your name email@gmail.com X****XXXX (US) Failed Your card's security code is incorrect

Please read the web page below to find a correct security code of your card and re-try the order:

Please contact us using our support web form if you have any questions.