I set my login and password for a protected site in IDM "Options→Sites Logins" dialog but it does not work. What should I do?

Please check that you selected appropriate protocol for your URL in "Options→Sites Logins" dialog.

Please also note that sometimes downloads may have different URL than the basic server. For example, you use the site "https://www.mysite.com" and downloads come from "https://members.mysite.com". You may try to use wildcards in the URL like "*.mysite.com".

Add your login information for some site in IDM settings

Please also note that many modern sites currenly use web authorization with cookies. To use it in IDM, you should open your browser and log in on the site as a premium user. If login form has "remember me" checkbox, please tick it as well. The site will set cookies that IDM is able to use when you add downloads to it. Then close and restart your browser. Please note that you SHOULD NOT logout from site premium zone (press "Sign out" or "Log out") in ANY browser. Otherwise, cookies will be changed.

If this does not help, then maybe your browser does not save cookies. Please read your browser documentation for possible reasons and solutions.

To check that your cookies are set correctly, open home page of this site your browser. You should be logged in. If you have to log in manually, then cookies are not set correctly.