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Damaged registry key problem.

Internet Download Manager found out that you had Spyhunter software installed. This is a low quality spyware remover that mixes registry keys, and may screw up installations of spyware clean products. For example, Spyhunter misidentifies one of IDM registry keys as SideSearch, and deletes it. It doesn't affect IDM work in any way, nor its installation, but may destroy incomplete IDM downloads. That's why several users reported about lost downloads and lost settings. We tried to contact "Enigma Software Group Inc." (the creators of Spyhunter) using contact form, but got no reply. The company doesn't have a phone, e-mail, or real street address, it has only the web site. The domain name has been registered with a free e-mail address, and the phone doesn't answer. When we were testing Spyhunter, it crashed several times with Run-time errors, so we doubt about the quality of this software. We are going to start a lawsuit against the creators of Spyhunter unless they reply with a fix quickly. Internet Download Manager has no spyware or adware modules inside, and we can easily prove it in a court.

Several registered users of Spyhunter tried to contact Enigma software group, but got no reply. If you have Spyhunter software installed, we advise you to try to contact "Enigma Software Group" yourself to resolve this problem, or uninstall/refund Spyhunter to avoid future problems with your computer. Please write to if you have any questions.


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