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Internet Download Manager Toolbar Creation Instructions

IDM toolbar skin consists of six 24bit BMP image files.

Large buttons:

  1. Normal Large buttons
  2. Active Large buttons (on mouse pointer)
  3. Disabled Large buttons

Small buttons:

  1. Normal Small buttons
  2. Active Small buttons (on mouse pointer)
  3. Disabled Small buttons

The file size of pictures 1, 2, and 3 should be equal. The same applies for the file size of pictures 4, 5, and 6. Every image file consists of buttons images in the following order: "Add URL", "Resume", "Stop, "Stop All", "Delete", "Delete Completed", "Options", "Scheduler", "Start Queue", "Stop Queue", "Grabber", and "Tell a Friend". The images of buttons should not have any separators; IDM will divide a large picture on the number of buttons, and add padding spaces. The color of RGB(192,192,192) value is the transparent color, IDM will change it to default Windows background color when drawing toolbar.

If you would like IDM to find your toolbar skin, you should create a toolbar information file, and place it to "\Toolbar\" directory. < IDM Root Folder > is "C:\Program Files\Internet Download Manager" by default. The structure of TBI files is the following:


name=3D Style

The following parameters: large, largeHot, largeDisabled, small, smallHot, and smallDisabled should point to toolbar image files. v parameter is the version of the toolbar. For example, when a new version of IDM add a new button, the version of the toolbar will change.


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