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What's new in version 5.01

We added a number of features in response to IDM user requests

New features in version 5.01:

  1. Added thumbnails view to IDM Site Grabber.
  2. Added scheduler to IDM Site Grabber. It's possible to schedule multiple grabber projects to run them once at a specified time, stop them at a specified time, or run periodically to synchronize changes.
  3. Added update feature to IDM Site Grabber. It's possible to start exploring a site from the start page again for a project to update the files that have been changed on the server.

Version 5.01 includes all latest bug fixes

New features in version 5.0:

  1. Added the site grabber feature. This feature not only lets you download required files that are specified with filters, for example all pictures from a web site, or all audio files from a web site, but it also lets you download subsets of web sites, or complete web sites for mirroring or offline browsing.
  2. Improved visual appearance and user interface. The toolbar looks better for different XP Visual styles.
  3. Redesigned and enhanced IDM download engine.

New features in version 4.07:

  1. Added batch download feature to download files using wildcards. Select "URL->Add batch download" menu item to use it.
  2. Improved user interface for IDM main dialog, added error status and the ability to use resume button for several selected downloads.
  3. Enhanced user interaface for "Download all with IDM" dialog.
  4. Improved downloading with https protocol.

New features in version 4.06:

  1. Improved the general security of Internet Download Manager.
  2. Fixed buffer overflow bug when taking over downloads with long URLs.
  3. Added authorization dialog in case authorization information don't match.
  4. Improved processing of sites that demand different authorization information.
  5. Added several enhancements to the logic of download engine.

New features in version 4.05:

  1. Improved user interface.
  2. Added support for XP visual styles.
  3. Added icons for IDM settings to IDM options dialog.
  4. Improved browser integration.
  5. Improved downloading from http/https sites that require cookies.

New features in version 4.04:

  1. Improved Integration into Internet Explorer browser.
  2. All link capturing capabilities of advanced browser integration have been included into the basic Internet Explorer Integration. If you use Internet Explorer only, and had problems with advanced browser integration, you can turn off advanced browser integration.
  3. Improved capturing of secure http links in Internet Explorer. Now IDM can take over https downloads that launch indirectly.

New features in version 4.03:

  1. Revised "Download with IDM" feature for Internet Explorer browser. Now IDM gets all necessary request headers from Internet Explorer to take over any downloads. Now users may select a text in Internet Explorer, and pick "Download with IDM" in right click context menu to add all links in the selected text to IDM.
  2. Improved download link capture logic. Now IDM can download from the sites which have a protection from downloading with download managers.
  3. Added download links capture from anti leech plugins.
  4. Added protection from the registry cleaners, optimizers, repairers, etc. which damage Internet Download Manager registry keys.

New features in version 4.02:

  1. Added a feature to customize toolbar look. It's possible to customize toolbar style, buttons order, and the size of toolbar buttons.
  2. Designed new 3D buttons. The default toolbar appearance has changed. Those users, who got used to old style, may get back to Classic style in toolbar customization menu.
  3. IDM has a choice to select from 4 different toolbar looks, download new toolbar skins from home site, or design new skins if you are familiar with graphics design basics.
  4. Optimized download engine for several types of FTP/HTTP servers.

New features in version 4.01:

  1. Added a feature to switch between old browser integration and new browser integration. In a rare case new advanced browser integration caused conflicts with 3rd party Internet applications. In these cases, it's possible to use old basic browser integration.
  2. Improved Download All feature.
  3. Added support for more FTP and HTTP servers that are not RFC compliant

New features in version 4.00:

  1. Completely redesigned central download engine. Improved download speed and reliability.
  2. Improved User Interface. Added "Stop queue" and "Start queue" buttons to IDM toolbar. "All Downloads" tree node now expands to all download categories independently on whether they are finished or not.
  3. Totally changed browser integration. IDM takes over any downloads from any browsers.
  4. Added a feature to customize keyboard keys to prevent or to force downloading with Internet Download Manager. This feature should work for any browser now, not in Internet Explorer only as before.
  5. Added the ignore list of sites where Internet Download Manager won't take over downloads.
  6. Improved "Download All" feature. The main window can be resized. It's possible now to choose a path for saving downloads.
  7. Added re-download feature to download complete files again
  8. Added "Open Folder" item in the right click menu.
  9. Added several new methods for FTP proxy authorization
  10. Added a feature not to use proxy servers for specified Internet addresses.
  11. Added a feature to download files larger than 4 GB

New features in version 3.18:

  1. Added "download all links with IDM" feature
  2. Revised IDM help file

New features in version 3.17:

  1. Added a feature to customize columns and the toolbar
  2. Added new columns: Referrer, Last Try Date, Date Added, Save Path
  3. Enhanced connection dialog in IDM options
  4. Added a feature to use single connection
  5. Added a feature to limit max. number of connections for specific servers
  6. Improved appearance, changed icons for download categories
  7. Added a feature to save sizes of columns and dialogs
  8. Added a feature to save sorting order of columns
  9. Improved scheduler. Added multiselection for downloads
  10. Added Mozilla Firebird integration option

New features in version 3.16:

  1. Added multilingual support. Added French,German, Italian, Dutch, Japanese, Arabic, Spanish, and other languages
  2. Added support for Microsoft ISA server

New features in version 3.15:

  1. Added ZIP files preview before downloading
  2. Added download categories
  3. Enhanced user interface, e.g. columns sorting, the ability to edit URL while downloading
  4. Improved integration with all browsers.

New features in version 3.14:

  1. Added HTTPS support
  2. Added a feature to play sounds for different download events
  3. Added more authentication types
  4. Improved download scheduler

New features in version 3.13:

  1. Improved integration with Internet Explorer
  2. Added support for more server platforms
  3. Added a feature to switch focus with TAB key
  4. Added more command line parameters
  5. Optimized UI drawing

New features in version 3.12:

  1. Improved built-in download accelerator
  2. Increased HTTP downloading speed
  3. Added pipelining for ftp commands
  4. Added a feature to reuse all ftp connections

New features in version 3.11:

  1. Added HTML help and tutorial
  2. Optimized IDM library and executable file codes, lowered CPU consumption
  3. Added support for additional server platforms

New features in version 3.10:

  1. Added command line parameters to control downloads
  2. Enhanced download scheduler
  3. Improved download queue processing
  4. Added download quotas and limits. It's useful for connections that use some kind of fair access policy like Direcway, Direct PC, Hughes, etc.
  5. Improved user interface, added silent mode, added the option to disable start download dialog

New features in version 3.09:

  1. Improved browser integration. Now IDM can download from the servers that don't allow downloading with download managers and accelerators
  2. User interface became easier to use
  3. Added start-up tips

New features in version 3.08:

  1. Added MSN Explorer and Internet Explorer based browser integration options
  2. Added the feature to edit the list of extensions to take over downloads from Netscape, Mozilla and Opera browsers
  3. Added new formats to media content inspection

Version 3.08 includes all latest bug fixes.

New features in version 3.07:

  1. Added extraction and accelerated downloading of audio data streams
  2. Added support for more ftp and http server platforms

Version 3.07 includes all latest bug fixes.

  1. New features in version 3.06:
  2. Added import/export of download lists
  3. Added enhancements to download logic optimizer that slightly increased download speed
  4. Added support for more ftp and http server platforms

New features in version 3.05:

  1. Improved download speed. The last file segment doesn't slow down download process
    2. Added file content inspection
  2. IDM shows useful information about media files (mp3, avi, mpeg, ...) during download process
  3. Added Netscape 6, Netscape 7, Mozilla and Opera integration options
  4. Improved cookies processing
  5. Added full drag and drop support

New features in version 3.04:

  1. Added additional support for dial-up users
  2. Added download basket window
  3. Optimized download logic
  4. Changed graphic buttons and appearance.
  5. Optimized mirror search

New features in version 3.03:

  1. Added options to configure download dialog appearance
  2. Added virus checking feature
  3. Changed graphic buttons and appearance.
  4. Added a number of features to make your work with IDM more comfortable

New features in version 3.02:

  1. Added scheduler and download queue
  2. Added more optimizations and enhancements to download logic

New features in version 3.01:

  1. Added clipboard monitoring for valid URLs.
  2. Added saving of login information (available only in registered version). IDM keeps a list of login information for the sites that demand authorization.
  3. Added support for more FTP and HTTPD servers. More listing formats are now supported. Protocol implementation module has been extended to be more reliable and not sensitive to non-standard server responses.
  4. Added support for cookies
  5. File download logic has been optimized. It increased download speed by approx. 5%
  6. Added FTP/HTTP proxy support.

Watch closely for IDM updates. You can always get the latest version of IDM here.

Version 3.01 includes all latest bug fixes.
- memory leak while assembling file segments
- support for earlier versions of Windows 95


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