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IDM own request has been blocked

IDM may request the following pages on its own from IDM home site:

IDM checks for a new release every 2 weeks by requesting an update page from its home site. IDM requests the following page: Feel free to download this file and view it. If your firewall is blocking the update request and shows a corresponding warning message, you should understand that the request is OK, and it's safe to allow it. Note that IDM doesn't update automatically when a new version is available. IDM shows all enhancements of the latest version and always asks if you want to update to it.

If you have a localized Windows version with a default language that is not English and the distribution file of IDM doesn't contain localization files for your language, IDM may check for translation files once every 2 weeks on its home site. IDM requests the following page: where ?? is a hex number that defines Windows API value of the language.
For example: for French language for German language for Italian language
If the translation to your language is not available on the site, IDM will check for it again once every two weeks to see if it becomes available.

If you decide to register IDM, IDM also registers IDM serial number on its home site.

IDM doesn't request any other pages on its own. If you have knowledge you can always check it with network traffic analyzers.


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