Can I download MP4 instead of MKV or what should I do to play MKV videos correctly?

Some sites send videos to Chrome browser in MKV format only. You can open the same page in FireFox, for example, to download in another format. But MKV files have better quality if you update your set of codecs on your computer.

Thus you should update your media player to the latest version or update your set of codecs from k-lite codec pack, for example, to play MKV files.

Alternatively try to use another video player or a player from k-lite codec pack. The codec pack is free and clean and can be downloaded and installed from:

You may opt out of additional software offers during installation by clicking "No thanks. I don't want to install these free offers"..

If the problem with playing videos persists with a player from k-lite codec pack, please send us address of a web page where you downloaded such video from to investigate the problem.