Cannot start a download in IDM. An error occurs on download start.

ZoneAlarm Security iconHow to configure ZoneAlarm Security to work with Internet Download Manager (IDM)

1. Run ZoneAlarm Security.

2. Press on "View Details" button for Firewall in the center of open window.

ZoneAlarm Security settings 1

3. In new window, press on "Settings" link on the right in "Application Control" row.

ZoneAlarm Security settings 2

4. In new window, select "View Programs" on the left, then find Internet Download Manager in the list on the right.

ZoneAlarm Security settings 3

5. Right click or click on red cross icon, and choose "Allow" menu item in context menu.

ZoneAlarm Security settings 4

6. Then press on "OK" button.

ZoneAlarm Security settings 5

IDM will start downloading after following the steps above.

If after updating IDM it stops running or downloading, you will need to repeat all the steps above from the beginning.

Also if you have ZoneAlarm Extreme Security, you need to disable "Browser Virtualisation" option.