Can I register IDM with the same license on several computers or operating systems on the same computer?

I need to move my registered IDM on another computer. How should I do it?

I try to register IDM on a new computer, but it shows a warning message about using it on another computer. What should I do?

Please note that IDM has per computer license. In order to use IDM on several computers at the same time please obtain separate licenses for each computer.

You can however use IDM on several operating systems installed on the same computer.

If you often reinstall your system on the same computer, please download and install the latest version of IDM. It has additional binding to the hardware and will not block your serial number if you use it on one computer. Also it is always better to use the same computer name after each reinstall.

You may obtain 2 licenses and more for $19.95 each. Please visit this page:

If you want to move IDM on another computer, you need to uninstall IDM from your old computer first if it is possible. If the old computer is broken, stolen or formatted it is also OK. Then you may install and register IDM on a new computer.

If you see a warning message about using IDM on other computers when you try to install it on a new computer, you need to uninstall it from all that computers if it is possible. If you are sure that IDM is not installed or will not be used on any of those computers again you can just ignore this message and continue registration. Otherwise IDM will detect that it is being used on several computers and your serial number will be blocked.