I get warning that IDM tries to install unsigned driver in Windows 7, Vista or Server 2008. How to solve this problem?

Microsoft has stopped supporting SHA-1 digital signatures because this technology is outdated and not safe. And Microsoft no longer allows third-party certification centers to issue certificates that can be used to sign kernel modules for Windows. Currently only Microsoft itself can sign kernel modules with its WHQL certificate that has only SHA-256 version. But is it not available on Windows 7, Vista and Windows Server 2008 by default. More information can be found in the Microsoft documentation

In order to install IDM driver signed with SHA-256 technology in outdated versions of Windows (Windows 7, Vista and Server 2008), you need to install Microsoft security updates that add support for SHA-256. If when installing or updating IDM you see a warning that your operating system does support SHA-256 hashing algorithm, please install update from the list below:

  • For Windows Vista install update packages SP1 and SP2 and then install update KB4090450. There is no official update for Windows Vista but you can install update for Windows Server 2008.
  • For Windows 7 install SP1 and then install updates KB3033929 or KB4474419 or KB4054518.
  • For Windows Server 2008 install update packages SP1 and SP2 and then install updates KB4474419 or KB4039648 or KB3033929
  • For Windows Server 2008 R2 install SP1 and then install update KB4474419.