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Instructions how to download streaming videos from web players with IDM in different browsers. Use this if you cannot download a video or have other problems with a video download panel.

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 1.  How can I download a streaming video with IDM

 2.  IDM does not show a video download panel for web players. What should I do?

 3.  I have problems using IDM with YouTube. What should I do?

 4.  IDM does not show download panel for videos from FaceBook. What should I do?

 5.  When I am trying to download a video, I receive "An error occurred while creating security connection" message. How it can be fixed?

 6.  I have downloaded MKV file from web player but when I try to play it, there is no video shown. What should I do?

 7.  I cannot play downloaded MKV video. What should I do?

 8.  Downloaded MKV video is corrupted. Why does it happen?

 9.  IDM does not show a video download panel on some site, but it works on other sites. What can be a reason of it?

10.  IDM does not show a video download panel for some videos but works for others in the same site (for example on YouTube). Why does it happen?

11.  IDM shows a video download panel at some site, but when I start a download, it shows error message that this video file cannot be requested twice. How can I download from this site?

12.  IDM downloads only a commercial video that is shown before a main video. How can I download the main video?

13.  How to download subtitles for a streaming video?

14.  IDM downloads HTML page instead of a video. Why does it happen?

15.  IDM shows a video download panel (on YouTube for example), but when I click on it, IDM fails with some error like "download is not permitted". Why can this happen?

16.  IDM shows a video download panel in my browser not near top right corner of a web player but in some other place. Why is it happening and what should I do?

17.  IDM starts downloading video automatically when I start playing it in a browser. How to avoid this?

18.  I do not want to see video download panel on some site. How can I disable it?

19.  I do not want to see IDM video download panel. How can I disable it completely?

20.  IDM downloads just a part of a video (for example 1.99MB or 1.69MB) instead of the full video. Why can this happen?

21.  When I click on a download panel, IDM tells that some unknown error occurred. Why can this happen?

22.  I have a problem with a video download panel in Opera browser. When I scroll a web page with the video download panel, it looks weird.

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