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Frequently Asked Questions

  Everything was OK until I installed a new version of IDM. Now I have 100% CPU consumption even when IDM is not downloading.

  Everything was OK until I installed a new version of IDM. All files which have been downloaded with IDM are corrupt and cannot be opened.

  Everything was OK until I installed a new version of IDM. When I try to download something with IDM, I get C++ library error.

In all cases of 100% CPU consumption which our users encountered and for other questions above, it turned out that users used invalid version of idman.exe executable file that was modified with a crack, or a patch. Once users installed the genuine copy of IDM and registered it with a valid key, the problem disappeared.

If you have the same problem(s), please try to remember where you have bought your copy of Internet Download Manager. You will need to buy a genuine copy of Internet Download Manager from our official resellers, or directly from our site:

Buy Internet Download Manager online

Also please note that during the purchase of a genuine copy of IDM, you should be given only a unique serial number. All original IDM modules should be signed with Microsoft certificates issued for Tonec Inc.

It must NOT be any instructions to run a key generator, crack, patch. etc. If you have files like crack, patch, keygen in your IDM distribution file, it means that is NOT a genuine copy of IDM.

You might want to know that all authors of cracks and patches for Internet Download Manager doncare whether Internet Download Manager will work correctly after cracking it or not, but they do care about installing a Virus, Spyware, or Trojan on your computer. For example, we checked a crack for IDM that contained a key generator and a patch with popular antiviral software. Most popular software from vendors like Microsoft, McAfee, Symantec and others have found a virus in this crack. You may check the crack that you used for IDM yourself, but even if your antiviral software will find no virus in it, it doesnmean that the crack is harmless.

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