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"makes life easy"
It makes downloading lots of files easier. Also improves speed for some downloads. Great program. Never had a problem with it. It's very easy to use...a download manager doesn't need to be complex! And it's the best download manager for my dialup connection!


Paul Niloman

Dial-up downloads at broadband speed! A must have! Lean, fast, full-featured and stable - DLs averaging over 90K with my 600K ADSL. I keep browsing on a pokey old 266 and I forget its running. Well worth the registration.



"GREAT!! Finally a stable and fast DL MANAGER"
I have been using "Dowload Accelerator", for years, great program but I have suffered through many instability problems and bugs. IDM is a great switch for myself: its much more stable and delivers great download speed. IDM has a decent download speed, it gives you much better acceleration than DAP. Also all the free version of DAP does is let someone know were you go on the net and yes here comes the spam. IDM is clean and has no spyware inside! Overall IDM is a very good DL manager.



"It works very good !"
This download manager is the best I' ve tried ! I have a 56 k modem and with this program the speed of my downloads reaches 8,4 k/sec !


Tim Book

"Now I can download anything with IDM"
Download speeds with this software are fast, significantly faster than GetRight. But when I was using Getright, I was unable to download software from some sites, in particular ''. I have no problems with IDM now.


Steve Runner

"The fastest accelerator and download manager!"
Really excellent speed. It's best on the market! And the best sw for download! What i like about it is that unlike DAP it establishes 16 simultaneous connections. As a result the speed inceases a lot. Simply the best accelerator!!!



"When you give it enough slots to download from it can really speed up the transfer"
I timed this program downloading files from several different places, both with and without the program. The speed increase when this took over was incredible. I downloaded a 650MB ISO image file in less than an hour with it, and it would have taken at least several hours without it. A great product!



"IDM rules!!!"
It's by far the best download program available. My LAN speed used to be 20 KB per second, now it's 60 to 100. I've got WinXP and I haven't had a single problem with it.



"it's simple, easy and clean cutted"
it's simple, easy and clean cutted. The interface is easy to understand, unlike some programs in which you need to 'dig' t ofind the options. Can look for files, creates history of downloades (succesful or not)and most important does it's job well. I say give it a try. A must have for multi-file downloads! If you are the kind of person who downloads a bunch of files at the same time, then this program is for you, just drag and drop then come back later.


John Porter

"What Can I say..??"
It is best download manager i ever seen.., faster is better. it is helpful and good, more powerful than download accelerator & gozilla and getright


Jonathan Lawley

"I went from averaging 50K/sec to 200K/sec"
Very easy to install. Intigrated into Internet Explorer 6 easily. I was getting about 50K - 100K per second if I was lucky. This program let's me use 16 differend download channels simultaniously giving me about 200K per second downloads. I downloaded a 175MB file from here in about 15 minutes. I especially like that there are no pop up ads or solicitations built in to the software. I'm recomending it to everyone I know. You should try it too.



"Great speed without hogging resources!"
This ap will give you speed of over 5k on a on a modem!! You can walk away and leave it to download without having to fiddle around. No spyware either!!! What a Beast!



"Perfect and easy-to-use program!"
This program is fast and very easy to use. It also has a nice lay-out and gives detailded information about the downloadeing and about downloaded files!


Maarten Kossen (Netherlands)

"It's simple enough and do the work it should"
I have no idea how to deal with all advanced options of others... I think that the simplicity and the speed is better than the complexity and slowness... And any reasonable man would completely agree with me. There is no need for 100s of settings - I value my time. Yes I like that this application is not abundant with hundreds of settings that you should tweak for half an hour before downloading a single file. It does the work automatically. Just one click or drag and drop ... and after a short while... the file is on my local hard disk. Another drag and drop and the file is in the folder I like it to be. I don't need anything more... why should I? The speed is awesome!!!!! I downloaded 50MB file in 10 minutes. Usually it takes one hour in IE and 30 minutes with the registered version of DAP. Thanks to Tonec staff for this excellent work. I recommend this application to anyone. Guys, it's a MUST HAVE and worth what it costs.


Chris Shon

"Improved My Download Speed!"
Its a Good Download manager and has a time period for trying this manager is 60 Days,Isnt This GREAT!!


Ghias Arshad

"beyond expectations"
earlier i was using internet through telephone line,and when i installed this download manager,i was not able to download any game but now when i use cable line and when i used this download manager, it started downloading very faster then i had ever imagined .i got the speed upto 18kb/sec.and it also recovers the broken downloads quite well .i do recomend this software for every body using the cable line.if any body finds a faster download manager than this one ,please contact me at


indra kumar.c


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