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i use a broadband connection (600k). after i downloaded this product i downloaded a 17mb file, this would normally take about 10 minutes... it took less than 5 with this program, i would reccomend this to anybody who wants faster downloads, TWO THUMBS UP!



"Great product"
Great product. I have a 56k modem and it has made a huge difference on downloads. Dowloads 4MB in 3 minutes, something that usually takes 15-20. Was able to download a 40MB file within 2 hours. Only complaint is that on sites with "exe" in extended address it attempts to download them. Easily fixable by removing exe from options area.


B. U.

"It�s perfect"
I was using GoZilla, and my download speed was 3-4K.. (56k modem) With Internet Download Manager, the speed is 9-10K! WOW! It's small (only 800KB), stable and contains no spyware. Try this, a must have.


Terrence Bakatsias

"very good program"
I have used several download programs. This one is the best. It's easy to use and very quick. Combine this with a highspeed ISP and download times work like lightning! It allows you lots of options so you can custom design how you want to proceed. I give it two thumbs and two big-toes up!!! Thanks from Larry Stevenson.


Larry Stevenson

Great software, can't live w/o it
Simple drag and drop for http. Full ftp and https support. Detailed logs. Not even small banners, No popups. One site I use would not work with any other download manager and IE kept losing the connection. IDM works great. Wow!!!!!!!! This program is excellent, download very fast & is easy to use. I'm on cable but I've noticed a difference in my download speeds. The huge difference! Therefore I'd recommend you have a look.


Steve Yarrow

"The best ever! better than any Getright!"
this is just the fastest download manager ive ever come across! it increased my download speed by 200%


I think this product serves the purpose of anyone interested in getting things they come by good and hardwoorking people. It is really a pleasure to have it on your computer.


Mr. ABU Jalloh

"producto muy bueno"
Este producto en verdad es bueno, eso que no hago esto de votar, pero este producto s� que mejora la velocidad y guarda los archivos por si se pierde la comunicacion. Felicidades.


victor cuellar

"well it works"
What is it with this site? Opinions on here are too polarised - either it is good and the competition want to slag it, or it is bad and they want to beef it up. Are any of the reviews genuine ? Well, I just downloaded and ran it. I've used them all, and this one works - no adware rubbish and it does the job it sets out to. It could use some more browser integration features from my experience so far, but that could be just because I havent found the switches yet.


Mark Alderaine

"Its really fast for my computer I don't know about your"
TS REALLY COOL. Great speed! Resumes downloads well, works with MOZILLA



"Finally, a DAP replacement!"
This replaces DAP as my download manager! Same features as DAP, except better interface (which doesn't matter to me) and has no ads! I run WinXP with a 56K dial-up. Tried others - this one really does increase download speed!



"Small, quick and easy"
If you are have at least half a brain it woorks great. Unlike Download Accelerator Plus and many others there are no advertisements that slow down your download. It is crisp and clean, loads quickly, and works fine.


Tod Kay

IDM is great. I had been using DAP in the past until I found IDM. DAP was not worth my time. It was slow, buggy and didn't perform, just a waste of my hard disk space. IDM is great. It downloads fine from every site, schedule downloads. IDM is really fast for my computer I don't know about yours, but the speed increased a lot. IDM is fantastic program if you deal with large downloads every day!


Jamie from British Columbia

"Excellent !"
Cosmic speed! I recommend to try it. Fantastic!!! Terrible speed!!!!!!


Hans J

"Solid Dowload Manager"
Aside from some issues, this is a great product. It has doubled, sometimes tripled my usual download speed. if u have DAP, DAP speed is much less than IDM speed, and IDM size is smaller and IDM is easier to use. Which would u choose? This is just what I was lookin' for!



"The fastest download manager ever"
well,It,s really fast super fast than we can imagine It is the best you must download it now!!!



"Works very well. Great product"
Excellent product and really speeds-up downloads for broadband connections mainly. Most sites limit connection speeds for certain files, and this product allows me to totally maximize my 1.5Mb connection. The second best feature is the download resuming feature, which comes in handy during certain times when you're doing a monster download or when it is so slow that you just want to revisit it some other time.




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