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Internet Download Manager - User Opinion

The speed are excellent, IDM gives excellent use of my T1 line. Too bad it's only a trial. Also FANTASTIC with ADSL and works with MOZILLA and MSN Explorer.



"A must have for multi-file downloads"
If you are the kind of person who downloads a bunch of files at the same time, then this program is for you, just drag and drop then come back later.


John Porter

"Great Internet tool!"
This stuff is great, the gratest one from other download program. Just try it by your self and you will find out what i mean !!!


Michael Withers

"goods delivered on time"
have never seen a better stability with such ease of use offering such a downloading speed! thanks brother!


Scott Walthall

"DAP on XP not working? try THIS! (IDM!)"
DAP on my laptop didn't allow IE to open pages, changed to IDM, IE works wonders, and the files are coming in nice and fast



"This is the best!!!"
i have tried fresh download 4.6, the speed is 20kb/sec, then i tried IDM 3.07, the speed is 170kb/sec. People out there believe or not? You need to try it!


Jord Huey

"State of the art"
For an average net user, this is just a rocket. It's very fast and works with Netscape 7! I think IDM is the best download manager on the net for its speed. I'm buying it and no doubt highly recommend if u want the fastest download manager!



"great porgram..."
I used many other download managers in the past, but IDM is the best one. It segments file dynamically and downloads much faster!



The best I've tried yet. this stuff is very cool!! it can boost up your internet downloads, guaranteed!!! try it and BELIEVED.... in TAGALOG, ang galing galing!!! I installed and configured in less than 2 minutes and it is easy to use and very fast. A Must Have.



"Thanks so much!"
Thanks so much! I swear of all the accelerated download managers, this program works the best and downloads the quickest!!!



"Worth a look"
I'm on 128kbs cable but I've noticed a big difference in my download speeds. IDM is stable, functional and easy to use, what more could you ask for? Therefore I'd recommend you have a look.


Alexandre Barton

"the best tool to download with"
I have tried many other programs that claim to do the same things as IDM, but they haven't had the interface or relibilty of this product.


Mick Lager

"Definitely worth the D/L"
I have tried a number of d/l accelerators, and this one is by far the best. It is so much faster that you can really notice a difference. Add that to its stability and you have one hell of a program



this programm is really the fastes i know so far, tis download stuff with 12 kb p/s , with DAP only 8 and none 5 kb. Amazing! Download this thing people! It is really good and it boosts the download speeds! Really good


kill o meter

"way ahead of it's peers"
IDM comes highly recommended .i started using it immediately and i sure will buy it. i'm so excited bout it that i had to come back and fill this..i usually don't.



good goood good good.....and the best i use 56k and the average download with this program 6k/sec and 7kb/sec Thus the speed is as far as never experienced.



"The best download manager!"
I have tried over 20 download managers, but this one is the only one that works well.



"excellent grade"
Absolutely awesome software!!! Im runnig on a cable modem and my speeds with IE 6 would only be ( download) at 80kb to 100 this increased them to a steady 350 to 500. One word "fabulous software.



"this rocks"
verry fasst andd verry reliable! I never had a download manger with this kind of speed. This is real fast.


niroshan buddika


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