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Internet Download Manager - User Opinion

"Excellent program"
I'm very impressed with this whole program. Much better than DAP and not Spyware. Integrates automatically into Internet Explorer and runs the virus scanning software after the download is completed. Wish I'd tried this one a long time ago. It took three minutes to download what normally takes nine.


Shane Jacobsen

"IDMan is wonderfull"
I have tried most of the download managers out there and I always end up back with IDMan. It's the fastest, the easiest to use and I get the most stable downloads with it. I think it's the best you can find for now.



"Incredible Internet program"
I had used DAP, its good download manager, but some times it courrpetThis product is great. It easy to use. There no advertising which is a plus. I try other program and this program was the best. I urge you to try it out. Its a cool and easy to use programe..and it could dl files without any problem..some file DAP cant detect and IDM could! I loved this software so much that I registered it. i never rate any product but this download manager is complete great! It's absolutly incredible, congratulations!


James White

"Better Than DAP"
I had used DAP, its good download manager, but some times it courrpet the downloaded files. Then i tried IDM, its speed amazed me, and no courrption after downloading, its a very good software.


Haroon Sheikh

WOW internet Download Manager 3.03 is the best download manage. i have cable use to use GetRight 4.5c but after i found intenet download manager i was in GREAT SHoCCCCCCK it downloaded 60 mega bites in less than 4 minutes this programs is worth every cent i recommend it especially for gamers who download demos from the internet. A+++++ program


Dan Taylor



Penicular Eaterus

"No downloading problems anymore"
I don't know what to say... My son found this program on ZDNet and we are really amazed with using it at home. I managed to download the same file almost 2 times faster than Getright. It's very easy to use and it works fine with servers where Download Accelerator and Getright fail. Thanks to Tonec staff for this fine work. I contacted Tonec about future versions and they told me that I would expect even more feature and better speed in newer versions that would be released every month.


Byron Olson

"Very good manager"
This program downloads VERY fast...ive used Download Accelerator Plus for a while and i wasnt happy with the speed(or lack thereof) so then i got GetRight and that was a little better but i wanted it to be faster ...THIS PROGRAM IS FASTER AND MORE RELIABLE ON RESUMING THAN OTHER PROGRAMS!!! GET IT!!



Super fast manager
This is VERY powerfull and fast download menager.It's only one problem...this is the shareware version and 60 day trial



Finally! My search has ended. It's here, and i'm glad i found it after looking for alternative download accelerator. I tried "Download Accelerator" and "Fresh UI" but they all are bloated Buggy piece of garbage applications. I am a programmer my self and know good work when i see it. This program has the most easiest interface of them all, very straight forward and best of all.. No Banners! I was downloading a file and it was kind've an emergency. It's 442 MB and theres over 400 people downloading it. It was going 15kb/sec constant using explorers built in downloader and i got 30kb/sec using both download accelerator and Fresh UI because the file was hosted on two mirrors hence 15 + 15 = 30kb/sec. This program is going 150kb/sec!!! It's the technique they use for the download process that makes this so efficient in downloading. Pat your selves on the back, not only do i appreciate this program but the time it has saved me.


Mike Canejo

"Just Superb ... One must use no other download softwer than this One..."
I am just amazaed with the download speed i have achieved using this software... I just couldn't resist my joy after using this product.... I HAVE DOWNLOADED 1 GB sized software after using this



"best download aid"
Wow!!!!!!!!This program is excellent, download very fast & is easy to use. I have been using this program for a two months and cannot think of downloading without it! I love this program!!! It speeds up my downloads significantly and restores them when I come back on. When I download I can pause and download it later. I have never seen a better stability with such ease of use offering such a downloading speed! It?s a really good tool especially for those long downloads.


Noah Haynes

"yes, it's fast and stable"
IDM works fine without any glitches for more than 6 months on my XP box. Yes, i'm a registered user and i'm pretty happy with this app. Any other accelerator is a piece junk when you compare it with IDM! Try this, compare, you should make a conclusion for yourself. Great app!



"The coolest downloader ever!"
We have been using this program for a two months and cannot think of downloading without it!


Pol and Kate

"no spyware, no ads, fast, and stable product!"
Finally we can have a product that has no spyware inside. We have tested it intensively in our Internet lab, the code is absolutely clean. No unsolicited connections or spyware modules inside. You don't have to worry about that all your actions are being traced. A rarity nowadays!! Also IDM is very fast and stable. We didn't have even a single crash during last 4 months. It?s a great product! The great job of programmers. MUST HAVE!!!


Bruce Norris

"If you use "dial up" then this is a must have!!!!!!"
Your downloads will be significantly faster with this product. It saves me tons of time doing downloads. I am still using the primitive method of dial up for my connection. So this is well worth the cost. The freebie download managers only work half as well as this one.



"Worth it"
I only got the trail period and I've actually considered buying it. It's a great program that splits dl's well as well as tracks your history and manages all your download needs. Really it's good. The only reason I won't buy it is College is making me broke ;) Oh well. It's at least worth the DL. Great app, a good program! It downloads very fast. I recommend it!


Larry Johnson


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