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Internet Download Manager - Awards and User Opinion

"Speeds UP FTP connections"
I was downloading a file from an FTP server and getting speeds of 10k/sec even with a Cable Connection, but now I'm getting close to 50k/sec. I would recommend this product to both broadband and dial-up users.



"Internet Download Manager works!"
Well, I just downloaded and ran it. I've used all similar programs like DAP, Getright, Star Downloader and this one really works - no adware, rubbish staff, and it does the job it sets out to. It has very good browser integration features from my experience so far. It takes over downloads just fine and Getright fails to do so very often. I'm on 128kbs cable and I've noticed a big difference in my download speeds. Therefore I'd recommend you have a look.



Hi (Please forward this email onto everyone in your company). I just want to congratulate you all on an amazing application. I'm a senior web developer and have also spent many years developing in C++. I know the importance of good software and good standards. It is clear to everyone that you value your customers. A major fall down with shareware is that users are restricted or bugged to buy before they get to test it thoroughly. I would never part with my money until I've tested well. Because you don't bug the users with these reminders and have a 60-day trial it REALLY DOES make you stand out from the crowd. I have been using Internet Download Manager for just over 2 weeks & am EXTREMELY IMPRESSED with it and am going to purchase the full program, especially as a way of saying thanks. Please keep up the good work! You may feel at times that you're getting nowhere or people are just using it without paying. I kow the feeling as a developer but I have learnt that your approach is without doubt the best. Not only do your customers value you, but everywhere you look, customers are praising you. That SPEAKS VOLUMES!!! Thanks guys & no matter how tempted you get never make the interface more complicated, as the simplicity but DETAILED information & impressive download speeds is what makes it so powerful!! I wish I had ?1,000,000 to award you properly!! All the best!


Phil Keys

"I love this program!!"
I started using this when I still had my 56K modem. I was very impressed with the speed then, but now that I have a cable connection, it is even better! I highly recommend this for anyone who is impatient (like me) with download speeds. I have never used anything that impressed me enough to write about. That should tell you something I guess.



"gets files fast"
I was a Realdownload user till I found Download Manager 3.10, very nice and it " works" with all my Browsers !!



"awesome product"
It's a good product. I use it from version 3.07 and I have absolutely no negative thoughts about the product, their support service and the downloading speed it offers. My wife needs to download tons of files from the Internet. With my cable connection it can be cumbersome, since hundreds of users share the same line. I feel safe with the reliability and the stability of this application. Even if the connection drops, we can resume our downloads seamlessly. Thanks for this great product! It helps us so much!!!


Steve Cothren

"King of all downloaders"
I am using a 56K Dial -up modem in INDIA and the average download speed are around 4.5 K with all other managers like DAP , Jetcar , Getright etc but it has increased upto 5.5K after using IDM . Thunps up to it.



"that is what I need"
This application rules. I spent more than 2 weeks trying many download managers. I had 3 favorites: MassDownloader, Getright and Flashget. MassDownload is good, but works really strange with file queues. Getright is also good, but have a lot of unnecessary features. I like its browser feature though. Flashget is excellent but Internet Download Manager beats them all in speed. It seems that they also optimize all connection settings to further increase your download speed. I started the download of the same AVI file in these four managers on four different computers in my office and Internet Download Manager was a clear winner. It downloaded the file when Flashget showed 75 percent, MassDownloader showed 70 percent and Getright showed 72 percent. It shows that the download logic of Internet Download Manager is excellent. If you need a real download accelerator - just go and get it. I was really impressed with the speed of downloads as well as intuitive user interface and its easiness to use. It goes directly to the point and does its work excellent. Guys, I'm really impressed with this application! Internet Download Manager is a MUST have tool!!!


John Stoner

Fastest download manager I've used so far! Makes it easy to download FreeBSD from Windows and make the switch so I won't use Windows again!


Bill G

"Does exactly what it was created to do, make downloads faster!"
This program is the best, its not confusing at all and dont have unnessary features, its just a simple download accelerator that works great! Ive tried just about every download manager out there and this one is simply.....the best. I was using FlashGet but this program blows it away. I'm pleasantly surprised! Buy IDM, you wont make a mistake!



"1st Class"
This is the best download manager I've tried, and I've tried a few, don't even consider using the spyware loaded DAP and GoZilla.



"D O W N L O A D...IT'S AMAZING!!!!!"
Guys, this program rules!!! I mean it! This is the only application that does exactly what it should do!!! Much better than the REGISTERED version of DAP. It has no words to be described. Download it!!!


Michael Martin

"All I needed"
This download manager gave me exacly what I needed. I have tried 'Download Accelerator' before but that was to overdone in my oppinion. I would recommend this program to everyone.



"This is real!"
I use this software to download files from the internet (music, movies,....etc) The first time I used Internet Download Manager 3.11, I was skeptical about it, but when I used it I was stunned. THIS IS AMAZING, the download speed was tripled, I give it to the folks who produced this great software. I don't usually leave feedback about the products I buy or use, but I'm so happy with this program and I wanted to share this treasure with everybody.



"Excellent program"
I'm very impressed with this whole program. Much better than DAP and not Spyware. Integrates automatically into Internet Explorer and runs the virus scanning software after the download is completed. Wish I'd tried this one a long time ago. It took three minutes to download what normally takes an hour.


Paul Chow


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