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this program is the best program i've used. way better than DAP or FlashGet!!! CUs no pop up that light bulb icon on DAP where it bring you to its site. plus this program has no spyware.



"yeah yeah? very good"
Well i've made the switch from DAP to IDM some time ago. It's a sleek and the ques are good unlike in DAP, i like IDM more because it runs abit cleaner, and actually makes my Modem go faster by 2 KB (so i download at 7 Kb/s, 10 even if i get a good connection) I got all these modem optimizers you see. They didn't work well with DAP, but they work excelent with IDM. Both programs are equally good, i just like IDM better because i go faster.



"very good"
this thing actually increased my download speed. its very simple to use as well. the only bad thing wud be one or two limitations cuz im not registered. they shud just make it totally free.



"listen 2 me..."
Let's face it:any "download accelerator" u'll get wont increase ur speed,that's 4 sure.Internet download manager makes sure that the d/l process work at the maximum speed possible.The program has never crashed on my pc a single time over 2 months!I got IDM the same day it came out me,this really worth a try.u'll be surprised by its ease of use and its stability. GET IT 2DAY!!!



People, this is to add to my first comment...I had to pause a download from Switzerland because it had died...I came back 10 hours later to restart the download where it left off and , problems at all...It gathered the partial download pieces, put them together and continued to complete the download...This program ROCKS!!...Thank you to everyone who worked on this program...This is a must have and make his/her default manager...This is a life and time saver...Do not wait another minute, download...You will love it.


Arthur Mandeiro

"IDM is excellent"
IDM is a wonderfull tool for downloading. If you hate to loose a big down load because of a bad internet connection get IDM.



"Got my IP knocked off an FTP site."
I didn't see a way to reduce the number of "threads" to anything lower than two. Two was too many for the site I was downloading from and I was eventually kicked off for trying to open too many connections too many times. Otherwise, the software seemed great. Internet download manager is really good and fast working. Its superb.



"Excellent program. warp 10"
I'm very impressed with this program. Much better than all other download managers and not spyware. Integrates automatically into Internet Explorer and runs the virus scanning software after the download is completed. I have never seen downloads so fast i have a sat connection and my downloads were always good but this is crazy fast and my web surfing is fast after the install. Wish I'd tried this one a long time ago. It took three minutes to download what normally takes an hour.


Tim Seymur

I use a broadband connection (512k). after I downloaded this program I downloaded a 40mb file, and took about 15 minutes. And at the fastest rate I got up to 130Kb per second, ( I.E. 1 Mb per 8 seconds ) and that was using the 60 day trial WOW !!



"a great program"
I used Go!zilla for a very long time , but this proggie is great, I like it more, it's very simple and going direct to the point. Another good feature is the capability to capture the redirected files, this is really cool, Go!zilla can't do this



"It works when all other D/L Managers fail"
Where Getright and Gozilla fail, Internet Download Manager picks up. This program D/Ls from sites that those 2 programs could never get info from. That's saying a lot. Good work to the programmers. I might actually pay for this one = )


Diego Valente

"Better than DAP"
My ADSL download speed used to be 20 KB per second, now it's 50 - 60 with IDM, but if with DAP, only 40 - 50.


Download Geek

My computer is a broken dsl modem. it downloaded about 12 kbs per second. I have been searching for a product like this for a while. This product made my downloads burst up to 106 kbs. It is very easy to use. If you are looking for jsut a booster that you click on it and starts working , then you have a problem. Internet Download manager opens up a file to transer downloads 500% percent better. It is very easy when you figure out how to use it , it took me two minutes ot figure it out, and i am seeing results instantly. I just downloaded 5 songs in about 1 minute. i honestly think on my fathers grave, that i never never seen a program work this fast. Please dowload this file, it is for your own good.


Andy DEV- ma

"good, easey to use"
great, in helping with brocken dowloads. waches for new dowloads. one BAD point it's not free?



"Realy nice stuff"
Well, I tried this program and must say it's wery helpfull. I downloads tons of mp3 and etc. files daily and offen from very slow sites. I used Net Vampire for more then two years when I found this program. IDMan downloaded the same file almost 2 times faster! It's incredible! And it's quate stable to under my Windows XP. I even think about buing it after trial period. I recommend this product to all who looking for fast and stable download manager.



"Top Notch"
I never had a download manger with this kind of speed. This is real fast. This rocks! This is the one the others need to beat. have tried over 15 download managers, but this one is the only one that works well.




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