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"You'll like this!!"
I've got Windows 98 and a 56k dial-up connection with Freeserve and I usually connect at about 4.4kb/s. When this program is running, I can download things at an average speed of about 5.5kb/s. Not the most dramatic increase but it's definately noticable! It's easy to use and you will notice the difference. Seriously, this is a nice little program.



"Its Really Good"
Hey, It speeds up the downloads heaps i went from 4kbs to 6kbs it helps me alot and i acn download heaps faster. Plus the pause is great incase you cant finish it all in one day :). Thx Douche


Douche Wallace

"Simple, easy to use and reliable"
A very reliable downloader, and with the right settings, can be all minimised to just an icon in the system tray.



"great perfomance and reliability"
This is the product I'm feeling safe with. In case of disconnection, it will always resume downloading. When I'm downloading a movie (~700MB) from a porno site, I can pause and resume it later or re-schedule downloading for night hours in case of a busy server. IDM works just fine on ANY site and it accelerates all downloads. I can play movies in minutes instead of waiting for so many hours. GREAT product! Download and you will love it!


Matt Mignone

"excellent program!"
I finished the testing and would say it's really something. Works fast, reliable and download from servers where other download managers failed. It has been working pretty stable on my Windows XP for more than 2 weeks. I really appreciate this hot look and the buttons with animation. So just go and get it... it is worth what it costs.


Bill Mowery

"Best download enhancer I have found on the web"
It kills download accelerator - more detailed download statistics and it actually enhances your downloading speed considerably. An awesome internet tool!


Kurt McFarland

"Easy to use and extremely FAST"
All these days, I was saying Download Accelerator was fast. But now, after using IDM, DAP seems so slow. DAP always used to stop the download for any error. Then u had to manually click the Resume button. But IDM doesn't say anything about errors. The 'Q' facility is really good. I feel it is better than DAP. I clocked the download of a 1 MB file on IDM and Mass Downloader. While Mass Downloader took 7 mins 37 seconds, IDM took 55 secs!! If u r looking for Fast downloads, this is the one.


David Dombek

"Highly Recommend"
Not having used one of these programs before I found it easy and simple to use. I liked the way it could be left to do as it was told for hours on end, automatically reconnecting if nescessary to download those really big files.


Phyllis Jamieson

"worth the $ for all users"
If you use dial up, ADSL or cable then this is the download manager to use. If you are a novice then there is a learning curve to master your downloads with this program. This program speeds up the service for people who use any kind of connection. I have DSL and found this to be very fast. The speed is faster and I did not have to explain how difficult, unreliable and slow to use the regular windows download manager to anyone sharing my connection. If you are using Internet and you are prepared to conquer this learning curve this is the one for you.


Dan Lous

"The God of downloads!"
my test with DU-METER Stopwatch with a 359k file: InternetDManager = 53 sec! Flashget = 1.10 min Getright = 1.18 my 56k modem download average at 5.5 k/s all the time with IDM! any other program was stuck to 4.7 and 5.0k/s, the only thing missing is GET ALL WITH IDM ,like in Flashget, but i don't care, this is excellent, the best of em all! the user that wrote i get at 3k/s, is not the software, is his modem, get a D-LINK external USB and watch out ,cause the modem gonna burn out from how fast this program goes.! thanks for this excellent software



ive tried other dl managers in the past most are full of spyware but this has none i would fully recommend this to anyone.


Shailen Cruze

"It depends on what you want in a DLmgr"
It depends on what you want in a DLmgr If you are on a modem, it does not matter what claim of acceleration they make. four segments are fine, but the modem is the bottleneck. So if you are OK with a over night download, then your biggest concern is doe shte program recover because of ISP hangups. So far GetRight does, go!zilla not as good. Go!zilla hung too many times. Getright hangs less. * manager303 did not recover from a ISP hang up (it did not redial and connect, resuming the DL). I am downloading ISO linux images via a 56k modem (45k connection) Pentium II 300 on win98 with all ms updates and regularly windoctored with norton system works 2001. B34


Josh Bohrer

"Perfect! EXCELLENT"
More than words can say It only needs some tray icons like getright when u minimize it Simply the best & FAAASSSTTTTT i had just 40kbps download from IE, but +100kbps with this.



"great product"
I downloaded and installed this manager a week ago and I should say I'm very satisfied with it. I have 3 computers at home and my wife and children have problems accessing Internet when I download anything since all computers share the same connection. But now I can schedule downloads for night ti


Mike Jafford

"best downloads"
If you have one enourmous file to download or several files which have to be downloaded individualy this is excellent, it will download them on a schedule based system and can resume the files best of all. It is a very simple interface and is easy to use. I would highly recomend this product.


Bill Porch


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