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"Best download software ever!"
I've used some of the big name download managers (GR, DLA, GZ, etc.) This one beats them all. It's easy to use but can be configured in many, many different ways. And there's no slimmy sly ad-ware in it either. Their customer service is also first rate. This is one of the finest software programs I've ever used.


Nancy Knujio

"Now this is what I call fast!"
What a way cool product. It is so better than DAP and those other knock-offs. This is the real deal and I'd certainly advise people to use this. It is fast and effective. 100% & Thumbs Up!


Karin Anita

"The Fastest DM I've Ever Used So Far!"
I was using GoZilla, and my download speed was 3-4K.. (56k modem) With Internet Download Manager, the speed is 9-10K! WOW! It's small (only 800KB), stable and contains no spyware. Try this, a must have. Believe me,I've Tried All DMs.But This One Is Actually Fast.It'll Increase Your Connection by 200% At Least & Sometimes Reaches 600%. The Only Sorrow Is That Its Trial Version Expires After 60 Days. But It Worth Buying. So Please Try It & You Wouldn't Regret.


Joe Wael

"Works Great!"
I think this product serves the purpose of anyone interested in getting things they come by good and hardworking people. It is really a pleasure to have it on your computer.


Mr. ABU Jalloh (

"So much better than DAP!"
I've used other programs similar to this one in the past, and this one is so much better, it interfaces easily with any browser, not just IE. And the UI is so mice and simple. I like downloading files through this better than the standard Mozilla download manager I had been using. A+



"It RockS!!"
Move over DAP, There's a new sheriff in town!!!!!!! best one out there, a lot better than dap! IDM is absolutely brilliant! Download anything with it at the very very high speed! This program works so good I might consider buying it after the evaluation period.



"Extremly fast!"
This is realy a great program. I needed to download a 254 mb file with a 56k and tried for days but kept getting disconnected every time. But once I got IDM I took care of it in a hour. Every time I got disconnected I would just reconnect and keep going. And the was no errors at all! I am truly grateful for this program and can recommend for everyone.



"Great with Windows XP"
I have Windows XP and it has been hard for me to find a manager that does what it says. I have used it for many things and I recommend it to anyone who doesn't want to tie up their time with dragging downloads


yikes! Good

"Nice though......."
I recommend this for speed, user-friendliness and features. Great look too. It;s nice but sometimes i just don't know when to stop, coz here ara some files that don't support multi download.....but it's nice.. Worth it!!!



"IDM is the first program I decided to purchase"
I think this product serves the purpose of anyone interested in getting things they come by good and hardworking people. It is really a pleasure to have it on your computer.


Mr. ABU Jalloh (

You can download everything with it. Just hold the control and click on the thing you want to download, it will download everything you point (DAP doesn't suppost it, and DAP doesn't allow you download things with .html, either). Most of all, the speed was great, it could make sixteen connection the same time, so the speed was increase so much. Most of you have problem with the registration. So, if you don't want to pay for it, why don't you crack it. If you want the crack of it, just email me (, I'm glad to give it to you.



"DAP killer"
what can i say, this product works. it boosts my dl speed up to 70%. great job guys.



"Fantastic !!"
This is wonderful!! So quick and easy to use. Thank you!! it's a good downloading manager. it resumes broken downloads which is good when you get disconnected. when you copy a link it automatically ask if you want to add it and you get the option to start it now or later. And download speed is much faster! Great Internet tool!


Brenda Tuy

"The best download manager"
I've tried many other download managers but this one works the best. I've been using it for a year and it hasn't caused any problems in winXP. And it's 3-4 times faster than others! Simple and extremely effective!



"Still Trying it out."
So far i works ok had to set it up to make work. No improvement on single downloads but i noticed when i am downloading two files it workd pretty goOD. I have 56k fastest i get ever is 3k a sec.


Goel Clarke

"wonderful program"
Boosted my DL time to 200kbps. Blew me away. Tried it, bought it



"great for downloading large files"
I used Getright before but I really liked this one. If you download large files and are still using dail up service, it will work great. It picks up right where it left off when you get disconnected. IDM rocks! It's the fastest accelerator around.




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