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Internet Download Manager - User Opinion

"The best download speed-up utility ever!!!"
I have cable internet, so I didn't think it would really speed up my download, but I decided to try it anyway. I downloade a 67MB file in 2.5 minutes with this utility. To download this same file with the normal default windows downloader, it took me 10-15 minutes. This product really works!!!!!



"So much better"
I firstly started using get right I fount that slow and unreliable and full of spyware. I then used star downloader which was good all around but nothing compared to IDM. IDM gives me a extra 3kb/sec and has all the features of the previous two program in a small mb program. Excellent



"great price for such an awesome product!"
People, this is must have. I tried so many programs and this is far ahead of all competitors! Super fast download speed and it accelerates everything I want. It works with every site and it?s necessary if you download music, video and stuff like that. It's simple, easy to use and simply the best in its class. MUST HAVE!


Todd Fields

"best download manager"
If you have one enourmous file to download or several files which have to be downloaded individualy this is excellent, it will download them on a schedule based system and can resume the files best of all. It is a very simple interface and is easy to use. I would highly recomend this product.


Bill Porch

"Excellent for XP users!!!"
I'm telling you... you've got to get this!! I have XP... I was nervous to use it... but I had 15 downloads going at the same time with this thing... and it worked like a pro! No conflicts... no glitches... I love it!!!



Let the numbers tell the story. At home I normally download at around 150 kb/s without using a download manager. With IDM I consistently downloaded at 500 kb/s and maxed out at 700 kb/s+. UNBELIEVABLE!!! This program is fantastic.



"Maybe it needs rollback on disconnect function"
This is a good program. I could maintain reliable data over a dialup modem. This program is excellent on a T1 connection also and it should be great on other high speed connections. On dialup I recommend using it instead of Getright even if it has no configurable rollback option. This program is very reliable without it. it has not ping and keep server alive features, but I don't think it's really needed for downloads.



"This is a 'must have' utility"
Well worth every cent. Neat and unobtrusive - no pop up ads, and a reall joy after the irritations and lurking 'spyware' of Gozilla!



?IDM is faster than all others"!?
Test between Download Manager and StarDown (start download prg) by Courier V.Everything V90 56K.Here is score: Download Manager : 4.9m (Paid prg) StarDownloader: 5.7m (free prg), Fresh Download 6.3m (free prg). Not a large difference, but very noticeable. What I don't like is that it seems all good programs don't come for free and they ask to buy IDM after 60 days of use. Anyway IDM is the best!!! Download it!


Michael Withers

"Good! This product seems like a winner"
I think this is excellent and is probably the best out there. The good thing about it is it's not spyware! Download Accelerator Plus is spyware. Getright is spyware, IDM is not spyware. It says a lot.



"Quick porn"
Now ill never be with out my porn thanks IDM! Fast and friendly. The best download accelerator, The progrm freaking good, I' being impressed!



"Everything a download manager can offer, but without Ads, Banners, Spies, or cutsie-"promo"-junk."
I found Internet Download Manager to be the saving grace to my 28K all-night downloads. Configurable multi-streaming, minimize-to-the-tray, and any other options. It doesn't infest the computer like AOL, and it doesn't suck up resources like KaZaA, but it simply outperforms all other shareware download managers. Please, try it. You won't be disappointed


Neil Nathan

"Great programm"
I discovered this programm 6 months ago, and i regret nothing ! I'm with dsl, and my speed for downloading went from 50 to 75 and even 100 K/sec ! Geat product, with update every 2 months !



"Super Speed"
I've been using 56k modem too. Usually my downloads only download at the most 4-5 kb/s. This accelerator DOUBLED it. I'm not exaggerating. IT'S VERY FAST!!!


Steve Kramer

"you can feel the download speed"
when i use it i found that it speed up the download speed by more than 5x from other download managers. Have tried other software to speed up downloads. IDM beats them all. No hassels to use and the speed is incredible.




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