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IDM download speed is very slow. What can cause this problem? How can I fix it?
First please note that IDM shows download speed in Bytes per second and some providers write their bandwidth in Bits per second. One Byte is 8 Bits so download speed in IDM may be 8 times less than reported connection bandwidth.

Then please check that "Downloads->Speed Limiter->Turn off" IDM main menu item is enabled. Speed limiter feature limits IDM speed to some preset value.

Such problems may also occur if you use a FireWall on your computer. Please read here instructions how to solve problems with FireWalls.

Please note that your download speed strongly depends on:

1. A site you are downloading from.

2. The time of the day you are downloading at.

3. Other Internet applications that download from the Internet at the same time.

4. Performance of your Internet connection.

5. Your Internet service provider (ISP).

To increase your speed:

1. Try to close other applications which may download at the same time.

2. Try to download from a mirror site.

3. Check your IDM connection settings:
3.1. If you are on a broadband connection, please try to select a high bandwidth connection type in "Options->Connection" dialog. You should try to increase "Default max. conn. number" on the same dialog (arrow 2 on the image). Try to set "Default max. conn. number" to 16 or 32. Also you may need to select a faster connection type at the same dialog (arrow 1 on the image). IDM does not open new connections if set connection speed is already reached.

3.2. If you are using Dial-Up, try to set a lower number of connections in IDM options (Default max. conn. number). Try to set it to 1 or 2 (arrow 2 on the image).

4. Try to schedule downloads and download at a night time.

5. Don't forget to check with your ISP your bandwidth limits and download speeds.