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 1.  I have purchased IDM but still get the following message: "Internet Download Manager has been registered with a fake Serial Number or the Serial Number has been blocked....".

What should I do?

 2.  I have lost my serial number. How can I retrieve it?

 3.  I do not understand how to register IDM with my serial number. What should I do?

 4.  My serial number does not work anymore or it is blocked. What is wrong?

 5.  I do not understand what is serial number. Where can I get it?

 6.  I want to register IDM with my personal serial number but "Registration->Registration" IDM main menu item is disabled. What should I do?

 7.  Can I register IDM with the same license on several computers or operation systems on the same computer?

 8.  I need to move my registered IDM on another computer. How should I do it?

 9.  I try to register IDM on a new computer but it shows a warning message about using it on another computers. What should I do?

10.  Can I enter other first/last name (e-mail, serial number) if I have already registered IDM and "Registration->Registration" menu item is disabled?

11.  I have used a crack/patch and IDM showed message about using fake serial. I have purchased the license but this message is still shown. How do I register IDM now?

12.  My trial period has ended and now IDM asks for serial number. How do I get another trial period?

13.  I have just installed IDM and it tells that my trial period expired and asks for serial number. Why does it happen?

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