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You may start downloads from command line using command line parameters

You may start IDM from the command line using the following parameters

idman /s

or idman /d URL [/p local_path] [/f local_file_name] [/q] [/h][/n] [/a]


/d URL - downloads a file

e.g. IDMan.exe /d ""

/s - starts queue in scheduler

/p local_path - defines the local path where to save the file

/f local_file_name - defines the local file name to save the file

/q - IDM will exit after the successful downloading. This parameter works only for the first copy

/h - IDM will hang up your connection after the successful downloading

/n - turns on the silent mode when IDM doesn't ask any questions

/a - add a file specified with /d to download queue, but don't start downloading

Parameters /a, /h, /n, /q, /f local_file_name, /p local_path work only if you specified the file to download with /d URL


C:\>idman.exe /n /d


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