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Questions about IDM functions and features or common problems. Use this if you face some problem that is not covered in other sections, do now know how to change some IDM settings or not sure how to use its functions.

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Common problems:

 1.  When I try to download any file with IDM it just tries to connect to the Internet and cannot start downloading or shows some message that connection is refused. What can be a source of the problem?

 2.  When I try to start a download in my browser, I get an error message "Cannot transfer download in IDM". What is wrong?

 3.  When I try to enable Advanced browser integration, IDM shows some error message. How can I solve this problem?

 4.  Sometimes IDM downloads MKV video files, which don't play good in my player. Can I download MP4 instead of MKV or what should I do to play MKV videos correctly?

 5.  When I try to resume a download, IDM fails to do this although it shows "Yes" as resume capability. What is the problem?

 6.  When I start a download, speed is good but then it drops to zero and download never completes. What is the problem?

 7.  IDM downloads stuck at some state (often at 99%). Why does it happen?

 8.  IDMan.exe of IDMGrhlp.exe process uses a lot of computer's CPU (or memory). How to stop it?

 9.  Downloaded files are corrupted. Why does it happen?

10. IDM downloads small files (HTML) instead of RAR, ZIP or other large files. Why does it happen?

11. When IDM finishes downloading it takes a very long time to rebuild temporary files. Why can this happen?

12. When download is finishing, IDM shows error message that it cannot rebuild temporary files. Why can this happen?

13. IDM download speed is very slow. What can cause this problem? How can I fix it?

14. When I download with IDM I cannot browse in the Internet or use other internet applications. Can I limit IDM speed somehow?

15. When I try to open Internet Download Manager site or update IDM from my computer, it does not work. Why can this happen?

16. When I click a link to download a file, IDM will open two or three Download dialogue boxes instead of one. If I cancel one of the downloads, IDM thinks it has taken over the download by mistake, and offers to exclude the site in future. How do I fix it?

17. I have problems using IDM with Windows 98/ME. What should I do?

18. IDM update does not work. How to get a new version?

Common questions:

 1.  What operating systems is IDM compatible with?

 2.  How can I use IDM with Mac, IPad/IPhone, Android or Unix/Linux systems?

 3.  Is there a 64-bit version of IDM?

 4.  How can I download a torrent file with IDM?

 5.  I want IDM to download only one (or only set amount of) file(s) at a time. How can I configure it this way?

 6.  I need to temporary disable IDM to download some file with my browser. How can I do this?

 7.  I want to uninstall/remove IDM. How should I do this?

 8.  How can I configure IDM to turn of computer or disconnect from the Internet when download is completed?

 9.  How can I configure special keys for IDM to prevent taking a download or to force taking a download?

10. How can I add a new download category in IDM?

11. The interface of my IDM now uses another language. How can I switch it back to English?

12. I set path where to save downloaded files, but IDM still places them in some other folder. What should I do?

13. I want to delete files from my hard drive as well when I delete them from IDM list. How can I do this?

14. How to clear IDM URLs history that is shown when I use "Add Url" IDM toolbar button?

15. I plan to reinstall my system or change computer and want to transfer my current IDM settings and download list. How can I do it?

16. How can I configure my virus scanner to automatically scan files downloaded with IDM?

17. Why does IDM update itself so often? Can I avoid it?

18. How can I get IDM grabber to work with video online websites?

19. Does IDM has silent install mode?

20. How to wake up computer from sleep and download with Internet Download Manager at a scheduled time?

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